Help For Finnicky Eaters

Breakfast is an important meal for children. It fuels them up for the rest of the day and gets their brains and bodies energized for school activities. What do you do if your child is a finnicky eater?
One way to encourage children to eat breakfast is to make it a meal that is pleasing to the eye. Use colors, shapes and flavors in a creative way that will make breakfast seem tastier. Add pieces of brightly colored fruits such as strawberry, raspberry or banana to plain-colored cereal to punch up the flavor interest.
General Mills used just this kind of ploy in their original lucky charms shapes. They mixed up crunchy oat pieces with a rainbow assortment of chewy marshmallows in such fun shapes as bells, clovers, hearts, stars and moon shapes. Their Lucky Charms cereal was both a smart advertisement for the brand and a fun game for children, who could pull out the captivating shapes in their cereal and eat them one by one.
The same technique can be used for lunch and dinner. Make them as eye-appealing as possible with foods and dinnerware guaranteed to hold a child’s interest.
Finnicky eaters aren’t impossible to please – they just need a better reason to eat.